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Wendy Brown, Lic.Ac. Acupuncture Asheville NCWendy Brown is a licensed acupuncturist who graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 1990. Notably, Wendy is the first graduate in a new lineage of Western acupuncture practitioners, having graduated from NESA following her father [class of 1985]. Her father’s tutelage in the practices of both Western and Eastern medicines was a privilege of perspective which she intently absorbed from him. After completing post-graduate studies at NESA, Wendy spent six months in China studying at the Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou. Practicing as an intern under several esteemed physicians in a hospital facility, she gained a greater understanding in the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well as Chinese history, and culture.


Over the years, Wendy’s evolution and growth have been guided by personal teachings from accomplished scholars and practitioners who strongly influence modern currents of oriental medicine; namely, Dr. Giovanni Maciocia, Jeffrey Yuen, Bob Flaws, Dr. Yeshi Dhonden, Kiiko Matsumoto, among significant others.

Wendy, with mentor Jeffrey Yuen, with whom she has studied in the continuing education capacity since 2000.
Wendy, with mentor Jeffrey Yuen, with whom she has studied in the continuing education capacity since 2000.

Wendy has worked in busy settings with other acupuncturists and in private practice. In 1994 Wendy settled in Asheville, North Carolina where she and her family reside. She is an ardent animal lover and advocate. An inspired seeker of holistic healing for her own growth, she has explored modalities of eastern medicine, Qi gong, meditation, forms of body work, cranio-sacral, breathwork, colorpuncture light therapy, and psycho-spiritual counseling as bridges to develop perspective and balance. Culminating, ultimately, with the sense that life is a journey and we have what we need to be content and guided from within, through all states and circumstances.

Areas of Further Interest

Wendy Reading Pulse Zhejiang TCM Hospital in Hangzhou, China. 1991
Wendy Reading Pulse Zhejiang TCM Hospital • Hangzhou, China 1991


Researching the effective method of auricular (ear) acupuncture to facilitate chemical detoxification, Wendy gained practical knowledge which she uses to assist patients in her practice in substance detoxification. Fieldwork and training in New York City and Boston area facilities that successfully apply this 5 point auricular method have inspired the Acu~Detox Group format that Elemental Changes offers.


Her experience has extended to the care of postpartum mothers and newborns as a home support provider/doula in the greater Boston area. This was an extensive and enriching 7 year exploration that profoundly highlighted her understanding of the needs and marvels of ushering in new life.


Dedicated to the ancient practices of acupuncture and herbal medicine, and sensitive to the Tibetan people’s plight, Wendy has been fortunate to have devoted her medical skills to care for Tibetan refugees living in exile in Central India.

Wendy Brown, Lic.Ac. Acupuncture in Ashevile NC

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